“melak, all alone” included in the 2017 white ravens list!

“Melak, All Alone” included in the 2017 White Ravens List!
Fantastic news! Melak, All Alone (Kaleidoscope Publications, 2016), the sensitively-told and beautifully illustrated story of a young boy fleeing his war-torn country in search of safety, written by Argyro Pipini and illustrated by Achilleas Razis, was included in the 2017 White Ravens List!
In the words of the International Youth Library which selected the book: “Renowned author Argyro Pipini stirs reader’s empathy, letting them intimately experience Melak’s desperate situation by means of a clear, riveting portrayal of events, a subtle and perceptive use of language and a smart alternation of first and third person perspectives. The expressive picture sequences of artist Achilleas Razis employ intense colours and skilful light effects to reveal the entire spectrum of the text – from dismal terror to shining hope. An unusual format and high quality paper complete this aesthetically outstanding picture book.”


You can read more about it here: http://whiteravens.ijb.de/book/712