“melak, all alone” the exhibition

Skoufa Gallery presents the solo exhibition of Achilleas Razis, entitled “Melak, all alone” drawings of the book”, on Thursday 8 June, at 20:00, on the 1st floor of the gallery. The exhibition will last until Saturday 1 of July, 2017.

This is the first illustrated work of the painter that includes 25 small scale works, mixed media on paper: watercolors, gouache, colored pencils, pastels and collage created especially for the book written by Argyro Pipini under the same name “Melak, all alone” (Kaleidoscope Publications / November 2016).

The book describes the story of a young boy that, together with his younger sister, escapes from the hell of war, towards an unknown destination. The compositions of Razis, as if in a theater setting, organize an eloquent fear environment by coloring true emotions. At first, they bring close the children hidden in a hole, the gray cliffs, the glimmers of fire … Then, the two siblings escape from the darkness of the war to an incomprehensibly, future. Gradually the fear subsides and the destination acquires shape and light. And while turning the pages, the deep blue sea, restless but ultimately friendly, opens on the clear horizon, the sun and the green illuminate the new life and the selflessness of the people who welcome and care for.